The Collage

Beads, buttons, ribbons, and flowers

Blacks and whites against the fanciful colour

Could it have been too much

for one defined by “grace and favour” ?

Nonetheless, this canvas, this collage

speaks more than what I can envisage

Words were written, printed and then

embedded between memories so visual

of days of fun, sometimes unusual…

The scraps, the tears, the many rough edges

simply symbolized our way through the hedges

but hurts were forgiven, thus frowns never deepen

as beauty comes from beneath the ash

Our worlds collided but never did they clash

Since we were made different

Each one varied, each one magnificent…

I breathe “thank you” and think of what more to say,

Still wishing that time would permit me to stay.

Alas, my friends, we shouldn’t be sad…

More often than not, we’ve reason to be glad.

Now on to the wall I turn my glance

At the collage upon which my eyes pranced

Home-made and beautiful, done so painstakingly

That cost Sheila her sleep, making her go crazy…

And… loose pieces may fall,

but nothing that glue can’t help, if not at all.

Written on the 29th of June, 2008.

Hannah is a visual creative and aspiring digital nomad based in Manila. When she's not pushing pixels, she can be found cuddling with her cat, chilling in cafés, or finding her next flight out. She enjoys tea lattes and making alliterations.

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