The Caricature Project: Girls on Fire

I’ve always wanted to do cartoonized versions of people in my life and I finally got ‘round to it with this! Meet the girls from my D-group, “Girls on Fire”!

girls on fireSammy

girls on fireMansh

girls on fireKat

girls on fireAlecs

girls on fire…and me!

I’d say this is more of a drawing practice, really. I’m still heavily influenced by Pokemilk‘s style.

The Process

Individually sketched in pencil (but didn’t ink with pen) then scanned, because I wanted to work on the details as vectors on Illustrator. True enough, I spent several hours just tweaking us to look as close as possible to our real selves (notice the differences between this first draft and the final output). It’s then painted + textures added in Photoshop. The background is from Friday Night Light.

I’m no illustrator but I really had fun doing this!

P.S. would anyone care to donate a pen tablet for me? :))

Hannah is a visual creative and aspiring digital nomad based in Manila. When she's not pushing pixels, she can be found cuddling with her cat, chilling in cafés, or finding her next flight out. She enjoys tea lattes and making alliterations.

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