Illustrated: Girls on Fire by Patmai

Illustrations of our D-group made by the amazingly talented Patmai De Vera!

She gave these to us as early Christmas presents 🙂 I personally love how she captures each of our personalities and the style with which she wrote our names. Also, this is something to be crossed out of my bucket list: “To be drawn by at least one of my favourite illustrators!”

We love you Patmai for using your gift to bless us ❤


Life update

A mix of a personal entry + my art! Today I had a Christmas party with my d-group friends from our fellowship. It was totally fun, our party theme was “What did the fox say” xD — I was the mouse, Minnie Mouse. (Heck yeah randoms collide) xD

But I don’t wanna post my own photos here, but please take a look at my gift arts to my darling friends.

In work, I mostly have been doing vector art, and I fell in love with clean lines again—and this time, I could actually DO clean lines! I am so happy! I couldn’t fully colour all of these because of the time constraint (I had to print them as well). It was also my first time trying to do like serious typography for their names. I admit, it’s not perfect, but they loved it nevertheless. 🙂

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