My Bucket List

Just some of the things I dream of doing: in no particular order, always updated (because we change!), and limited to only 50 items so I would really do it. What say we help cross each other’s bucket lists, shall we?

Last updated: October 2, 2016
Current # of items crossed out: 10

1) Go on a 3-month long Eurotrip

2) Visit Israel (and float in the Dead Sea)

3) Visit Hobbiton or do The Lord of The Rings Tour in New Zealand

4) Go on a Breaking Bad tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico

5) See snow / Experience a white Christmas

Photo Credit: Katt San Juan

6) Volunteer aboard MV Logos Hope

7) Live abroad for a number of months

8) Be part of a large film production

9) Be able to do a split

10) Watch HAMILTON on Broadway

11) Take up figure skating

12) Learn conversational Spanish or French

13) Adopt a cat // March 2016

14) Write and publish a book

15) Attend Hillsong Conference

16) Overcome my fear of dentists and get braces // July 2012

17) Write/produce/be part of a living room live album recording

rivers & robots living room worship
Photo Credit: Rivers & Robots

18) Go to a music festival // Wanderland, 2016

19) Meet and Greet a favourite artist (here, and here.)

20) Move to New York City (cliché, i know! but that’s the goal)

21) Own a duel-ready lightsaber

22) Be a one-woman band

23) Write and record at least 4 finished songs

24) Buy my first domain // January 2011  

25) Dye my hair unnatural colors // Since December 2012

26) Paint a large-scale mural

27) Solo travel out of the country at least once // Singapore, July 2016

28) Climb a local mountain/crater lake // Mt. Pinatubo (March 2015), Taal Crater Lake (Feb 2012)

29) Be a barista

30) Explore the Pacific Northwest + stay in an A-frame cabin

cory a crawford PNW
Photo Credit: Cory A. Crawford

31) Stay in Lapland and see the Northern Lights

32) Visit Salvation Mountain

33) Swim in the Enchanted River in Surigao // September 24, 2016

34) Marvel at the tri-colored lakes at Kelimutu National Park, Indonesia

35) Soak in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland AND the Pamukkale Thermal Pools in Turkey

36) Visit the Pink Lakes of Australia

37) Behold the rainbow mountains of China or Peru

38) Explore Europe by train and immerse myself in its history

39) Travel to both Havana and Morocco for aesthetic inspiration

teamwoodnote havana
Photo Credit: Team Woodnote

40) Have my art published in a magazine or exclusively displayed in an exhibit

41) Start my own business/s; become a digital nomad entrepreneur

42) Do an extreme sport: bungee-jumping, skydiving, parachuting, paragliding, etc

43) Watch the Russian Ballet

44) Join a Tweed Run

45) Spend New Year’s Eve/watch fireworks in a different city with someone special

46) Go on the Whole30

47) Start strength-training regularly

48) Own a cozy loft and customize + renovate it to my heart’s content

49) Invest in real estate (for AirBnB purposes)

50) Buy shipping containers… and do something creative with it!

Do we have any bucket list items in common? Feel free to share them with me in the comments below! 🙂

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