Hello! I’m Hannah, a visual creative and bonafide child of the early 90s. I grew up in the Abode of Peace before settling in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. After graduating with a Multimedia Arts degree, I now work remotely as a graphic designer for an online brand besides taking on various freelance projects. Aside from traveling I like music, minimalism, and memes. I have a pet cat named Hershey.

This blog was initially made to complement my online portfolio back in college, posting about my projects and learning from the mistakes I made doing them, plus having an outlet for experimentation. As I grew, my love for the visual art of design and photography did with me as well, and I’m inspired to document the process by way of behind-the-scenes along with a newfound lust for anything related to travel and storytelling.

My goal is to foster a community of fellow digital nomads and grow in the pursuit of purpose, kindness, empathy, gratitude, and celebration of the little things. ❤

Blog-hopping Timeline

DiaryLand (2004) > Blogspot (2006) > Tumblr (2009) > WordPress.org (2016 onwards)

Why “ArtBeatsMath”?

In high school, I was placed in the Science stream when in reality I was more inclined towards the Arts. Plus, I was never good at Math! Haha

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  1. Hi ma’am. Can i have a sample copy of your explanation letter if you can’t provide an ITR.
    Thank you for your help.
    God bless!!!

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