Hello! I’m Hannah, a visual creative and bonafide child of the early 90s. I grew up in the Abode of Peace before settling in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. After graduating with a Multimedia Arts degree, I now work remotely as a graphic designer for an online brand besides taking on various freelance projects. Aside from traveling I like music, minimal living, and memes. I have a pet cat named Hershey. Some of my favorite things to watch are: Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and This Is Us.

This blog was initially made to complement my online portfolio back in college, posting about my projects and learning from the mistakes I made doing them, plus having an outlet for experimentation. As I grew, my love for the visual art of design and photography did with me as well, and I’m inspired to document the process by way of behind-the-scenes along with a newfound lust for anything related to travel and storytelling.

My goal is to foster a community of fellow digital nomads and grow in the pursuit of purpose, kindness, empathy, gratitude, and celebration of the little things. ❤

Blog-hopping Timeline

DiaryLand (2004) > Blogspot (2006) > Tumblr (2009) > WordPress.org (2016 onwards)

Why “ArtBeatsMath”?

In high school, I was placed in the Science stream but it was eventually discovered that I was more inclined towards the Arts. Plus, I was never good at math! haha

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