School of Design & Arts, DLS-CSB

State of Nirvana: An Exhibit

Color Theory & Rendering was one of my favourite classes back in college and towards the end of the trimester in 2010 we held an exhibit entitled “State of Nirvana”. The artworks were basically collages we made digitally, which were then printed on canvas then painted on with acrylic. Our professor was local artist and contemporary painter Sir RM De Leon– I just remember him being so passionate in what he does and that in turn really inspires me.

…Truly missing painting now. Hmm, I have a blank canvas in my room. Perhaps I shall break out the acrylics again 🙂

Hannah is a visual creative and aspiring digital nomad based in Manila. When she's not pushing pixels, she can be found cuddling with her cat, chilling in cafés, or finding her next flight out. She enjoys tea lattes and making alliterations.

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