Filipino Christmas parol lantern

Behind The Poster: Sambang Gabi

Following the success of last year’s Open Table Christmas dinner, I was asked to make this year’s Christmas Party poster invitation again <3

This year’s theme was built around Simbang Gabi; a Filipino Christmas tradition in which Catholics attend a nightly mass for nine days leading up to Christmas eve. Simba = church mass, gabi = evening. Although we aren’t Catholics and I’ve never been to a mass, I’ve lived here long enough to get more than an inkling of what Christmastime in the Philippines looks and feels like. 

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Marketing The Daykeeper 2016

The Daykeeper is a planner/journal/datebook created by fellow creative, Katt San Juan, who is a wedding videographer at Mayad Studios. By traveling a lot, she has collected tons of inspiration and taken plenty of pretty photos— so it’s not hard to imagine wanting to share all of it with like-minded women!

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude, seeing beauty in the mundane, inspiring productivity, and growing in the faith are values that purposed the creation of The Daykeeper. Independently, Katt made this series of yearly datebooks starting at 2014. Being a fan of her work, I was only able to start owning the 2015 one.

Next year’s (2016) Daykeeper was on track to be the bestest datebook yet, so when Katt approached me because she liked the work I did for Friday Night Light’s “Open Table” poster, I of course jumped on the opportunity to help her with the marketing!

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Beauty from Ashes: A Visual Diary of Mt Pinatubo

Last weekend, a friend and I journeyed to one of the Philippines’ most renowned crater lakes: Mt Pinatubo.

Erupting in 1991, it’s considered to be the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century killing 800+ people and displacing thousands more. Its effects on the environment were also felt on a global scale, causing a temperature drop and further deterioration of the ozone layer.

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