Touring the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

Philippine Air Force Aerospace MuseumPhilippine Air Force Aerospace Museum
After rendering a long week of night shift OTs and ending on a Saturday morning, i had breakfast with a few of my officemates at Army Navy then got picked up by the brother after. We dropped by the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum on the way home for Ingress* purposes, but being surrounded by these historic parked airplanes instilled in me such awe and inspiration that i had to shoot and immortalize the experience. It was gloomy at first but i waited for the clouds to part and let out the bright sun for some harsh shadows. Other times i used the clouds as a diffuser for more evenly-lighted photos. Then we moved indoors to see other flight paraphernalia.

All i can say is that i have a new-found appreciation for these giant winged contraptions.

*if you play this awesome game, you’ll know why and what i’m talking about 😉

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All images were shot at the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum on June 2014 with an iPod Touch 5 & post-processed with VSCO.

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