Behind The Poster: Open Table Christmas Dinner

For this year’s Christmas celebration at Friday Night Light, we planned a Kinfolk-inspired dinner party centered on sharing food, fellowship, and love while communing on a long table… thus it was called Open Table: A Christmas Dinner.

The motif was fairly simple: rustic and homey. To stay true to this, i thought of using a photograph instead of digitally designing everything, and in the style of “Instagram-worthy” flatlays. So as you can see, everything was executed organically and only enhanced with Photoshop. (hat tip to Jay Argaet!)

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Touring the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

Philippine Air Force Aerospace MuseumPhilippine Air Force Aerospace Museum
After rendering a long week of night shift OTs and ending on a Saturday morning, i had breakfast with a few of my officemates at Army Navy then got picked up by the brother after. We dropped by the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum on the way home for Ingress* purposes, but being surrounded by these historic parked airplanes instilled in me such awe and inspiration that i had to shoot and immortalize the experience. It was gloomy at first but i waited for the clouds to part and let out the bright sun for some harsh shadows. Other times i used the clouds as a diffuser for more evenly-lighted photos. Then we moved indoors to see other flight paraphernalia.

All i can say is that i have a new-found appreciation for these giant winged contraptions.

*if you play this awesome game, you’ll know why and what i’m talking about 😉

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All images were shot at the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum on June 2014 with an iPod Touch 5 & post-processed with VSCO.

The Collage

Beads, buttons, ribbons, and flowers

Blacks and whites against the fanciful colour

Could it have been too much

for one defined by “grace and favour” ?

Nonetheless, this canvas, this collage

speaks more than what I can envisage

Words were written, printed and then

embedded between memories so visual

of days of fun, sometimes unusual…

The scraps, the tears, the many rough edges

simply symbolized our way through the hedges

but hurts were forgiven, thus frowns never deepen

as beauty comes from beneath the ash

Our worlds collided but never did they clash

Since we were made different

Each one varied, each one magnificent…

I breathe “thank you” and think of what more to say,

Still wishing that time would permit me to stay.

Alas, my friends, we shouldn’t be sad…

More often than not, we’ve reason to be glad.

Now on to the wall I turn my glance

At the collage upon which my eyes pranced

Home-made and beautiful, done so painstakingly

That cost Sheila her sleep, making her go crazy…

And… loose pieces may fall,

but nothing that glue can’t help, if not at all.

Written on the 29th of June, 2008.

Hillsong United Zion Live in Manila



Love is war.

It sounds like a contradiction. It doesn’t make sense; It’s hard to make sense of God sometimes… but then doesn’t that make perfect sense? The whole unfathomable mystery of God… too great for our limited minds to fully embrace.

Why are some Christians still fighting for their worth, when it was already won for them?

His love has won it all.

— Joel Houston’s words (non-verbatim)


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