Levitation Photography

Behind The Shoot: Levitation Photography

Finding inspiration

On the first day of my CREAPHO (Creative Photography) class, the professor gave us the freedom to shoot whatever concept we wanted. For some, they had a hard time figuring out what to shoot since there wasn’t any theme to work by, but I instantly knew what I’ve always wanted to shoot — Levitation! So I busied myself with pegs-hunting:

Flying solo


The adrenalin




The smothering




Reverie by Miss Aniela
“Reverie” by Miss Aniela

My main inspiration for this shoot would have to be Miss Aniela! Most of her well-known photos are of levitation, and she is boss when it comes to conceptual and fine art photography. Check out her other works in her stream!

Anyway, based on the last photo, I wanted the same ethereal look/feel so what better place to shoot than in my school building, recognized for somewhat looking like an asylum 😉

Setting up and looking for the ideal backdrop

Photo shoot setup in the SDA building

My friend Carla assisted me in the shoot by helping me look for a table and carrying all the heavy studio equipment back (thanks a bunch again, Carla!)

Levitation Photography

^ Here she is testing out the zero gravity, lol

Aaaand voila! The final output:

Levitation photography

Levitation Photography

Trivia: My model Sheila wears a gown that I wore in my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary!

Here’s a step-by-step blog on how I did it.

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